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Check out the photos below for some ideas on how the trigger can be used. There are however no rules and everyone comes up with their own variations. Photos of your system are welcome.

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We find that this is the most usefull type of set up for a free range flock.
The container is mounted on a table with a hole to allow the trigger to hang through.
Any size of container can be used depending on your flock. One big advantage of this system is the ability to easily move the whole feeder when the ground gets mucky underneath.

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This system using a length of drainage pipe is perfect for a situation where space is at a premium. The length of pipe can be made to suit the amount of food required. (The sky is the limit!)
If you have a small run, the top of the pipe can be supproted outside the run and only a small footprint actually inside the run.

Triggerhappychickens 3
Triggerhappychickens 4

Here we are using a small lidded bucket hanging from a tree branch. This system works particularily well in internal situations where the bucket can be suspended from the rafters.
If used in an outside environment like the one in the picture, it is advisable to use some sort of restraint to stop the bucket swinging in the wind.
These lidded buckets are easily available from bakeries and restuarants where they get these containers filled with jams or mayonnaise.

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