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Q.How do I train my chickens to use the trigger?

A. 1. Firstly and most importantly, remove all other sources of food. If you don’t do this the process will take a long time and some will never adapt to the new feeder.

2. Secondly, scatter a small amount of feed on the landing area under the trigger. Now they know where to find the food. Do this a few times over the first few days and they will discover it very quickly.

3. Finally, have confidence in the device. I can promise you it will work. We offer a full refund within the first three weeks if you are not happy.
Not all fowl work it out in the same timeframe. Young birds will pick it up very quickly. I have had five week old chicks start to use it within the first hour. Older birds will take longer, but when one starts to use it the others will follow.
It is very tempting to stand and watch. Don’t! You will very quickly convince yourself that your chickens are stupid and will never learn. Hunger is a great tutor, and if you are really concerned that they are going to expire from starvation after the first day, then scatter a little extra under the trigger. They will very often accidentally knock against the trigger with their heads.
Some folk speed up the process by attaching a small treat or piece of food to the end of the trigger to get them pecking

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Q. What size of hole do I drill in the container?

A. The hole size varies according to which food type you are using. Full instructions are included with every trigger.

Q. How many fowl will one trigger feed?

 A. One feeder can be used to feed up to about 20 fowl. When food is available at all times, there isn’t so much competition so they don’t all feed at once.
In my experience, full time availability to food doesn’t lead to over eating. When they know it is always available they only eat as required.
More than one trigger can be fitted to larger containers if required.

Q.How is the trigger “vermin resistant” ?

A. Because the trigger is 12 to 18 inches from the ground, rats, sparrows, starlings and the like can not reach the trigger to get food out of the container. This not only keeps vermin away but can save a surprisingly large amount of feed if you are bothered with a lot of wild birds.

Q.Will my birds get fat from constant availability of food?

A. In our experience we have never witnessed any overeating or overweight. Our fowl are mostly free range and you only see them going to the feeder occasionally. We also use them in our chick rearing pens with great success. We have been using these triggers for the past 4 years.

Q. Can I buy these triggers elsewhere?

A. As we developed these little wonders, and they are hand made by ourselves, you can only buy them from us at “Trigger Happy Chickens”. We also sell them on Ebay. Why not do a search on ebay for "automatic chicken feeder" and check out our feedback.


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